Our Work

Innovation in Place

To achieve our vision, Ancora invests in real estate at the heart of innovation. We focus on knowledge communities anchored by leading research universities, health systems, research institutions, and government (”anchor institutions”). In partnership with anchor institutions, we build innovation communities that support scientific discovery, tech transfer, commercialization, and entrepreneurship.

Electric Works Sign

Electric Works

Supercharging the Future

Intentionally inclusive and accessible, Electric Works is an intersection of innovation, community, and energy in the heart of Fort Wayne.

Square 10 Outside Main

265 South Orange

Building Community by Connecting Communities

Breathing new life into a life sciences market, 265 South Orange sparks growth and supports renewal in New Haven.

RIDOH Project

150 Richmond

Fashioning a Brighter Future From a Fractured Past

Healing a shattered sense of self, 150 Richmond reconnects communities and rekindles Providence’s identity.

TEP Project

387 Technology Circle

Filling the Vacuum, Fostering Innovation

Creating space literally and figuratively, 387 Technology Circle provides life sciences with the room and technology needed to grow in Atlanta.