265 South Orange

Building Community by Connecting Communities

Square 10 Outside Main

New Haven, CT

Office, Lab, Innovation, Education

255,000 SF

Opportunities and accessibility for everyone. This intention is the bedrock beneath 265 South Orange, a revitalization of a downtown gateway district. Connecting the City of New Haven and Yale University, this project will further diversify the local economy and weave downtown, residential neighborhoods, and Yale University’s medical campus together.

Occupying one-fourth of the former Coliseum site, this development will house a life sciences building, built to bolster the region’s expanding, Yale-driven life sciences market. 265 South Orange provides even more reason to remain in the region, which has seen an increase in population thanks to growth in the tech and life sciences industry.

Through our collaboration with the city, development partners, and the community, we’re helping advance New Haven’s and Yale’s innovative initiatives. 265 South Orange is designed to support the technical requirements of institutional, corporate, and start-up life sciences organizations. Currently in development, it’s planned to open in 2026.

“The redevelopment of the Coliseum site will provide an assortment of new commercial, residential, office, and educational spaces that will enable new local economic growth, create new jobs, unlock new business opportunities, and provide new market and affordable housing options for New Haven residents.”

—Justin Elicker, Mayor of the City of New Haven